The Secrets of EKA


The secrets of the E.K.A.

The Eagle King’s Academy is now on Twitter.

The renowned journalist, Diane Coopers, once called the Eagle King’s Academy “a world of mysteries”. No other educational institution is as secretive as the Academy. No one knows its location or the identity of its students. Alumni refuse to reveal anything about their training, their professors or life within the Academy. We only know what the E.K.A. wants us to know – until now!

For the first time, people can explore the world of the Academy without actually being there. We’ll post anything of interest, but we have to be careful. If the E.K.A. finds out about this site, they’ll shut us down!
About the name

We’ve only found once reference, in which Principal Cunningham, very briefly, explained the idea behind the Academy’s name. It was during an interview shortly after the establishment of the prestigious academy.

“The eagle is a remarkable animal,” he said, “and it represents everything that people tend to admire in a leader. It symbolises power, freedom and authority, as well as salvation, guardianship and inspiration. These are all traits we value highly within the Academy, and since our students are trained to become the best of the best – the king of eagles if you will – the name seemed fitting.”