C.C. Monö

About C.C. Monö


C.C. Monö (Carl Christian Monö) was born in June 1977 in Stockholm, Sweden. 3 months later, his adventurous parents dragged their new-born child to Tanzania for two years. Chris would eventually spend nearly ten years in Africa between 1977 and 1994. 

Chris and his work on followership


“There was a time when scientists believed the Earth was the centre of the Universe and that the sun orbited around our planet. Similarly, many knowledgeable people today believe leaders are the centre of our social and business universe. Everyone else just orbits around them.”

In 2006, Chris moved back to Stockholm. A year later, he began exploring the world of followership. At the time, many people were sceptical about the topic. In Sweden, the word followership (följarskap) didn’t even exist, and most people thought he was foolish for focusing on such a trivial subject. Nevertheless, Chris was intrigued and asked himself a simple question - what makes me want to follow someone else?

To answer this question, Chris began exploring various disciplines, from anthropology and archaeology, to psychology and leadership. The more he read, the more critical he became of the traditional perspectives on leadership. In 2013 he published the non-fiction book: Beyond the Leadership Myth, in which he presented his own thoughts on the matter.

Chris now lives in Stockholm with his wife and two daughters.