The power of books

A few months ago, I was approached by Sandra Dennis, a bright Canadian who is setting up a library in Ecuador. She was wondering if I would be willing to donate a copy of my book. She wrote: “I have been inviting some of my favorite authors on leadership / followership to send a book for me or one of the next student cohort to take down for part of the new library. Last year’s class took down medical supplies for use after the earthquake and this year we will take down books to start a library.”

I said yes, of course, for this is a project I truly believe in. Books are so much more than just a story or holder of information. They are creators of thoughts, ideas and dreams. They can change our perspectives and inspire us to act. They can give us hope when we need it the most, and comfort us when our hearts ache. Books are magical, not because of their content, but because they encourage us to think. They offer us choices, and with choices comes freedom.


All human being should learn how to read and everyone should have access to books. Keep up the good work, Sandra! I look forward to hearing more about your exciting project!

Library in Ecuador

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