And so we begin

So this is my first post on To be honest, I’m somewhat surprised to see that it works. For a while, I thought the technological gods were out to get me. Actually, I’m sure they were. They must have had a hoot when I pressed some weird button and lost everything I’d done for the past week. Nevertheless, it seems they’ve grown bored with me, and I guess they’ve moved on to find some other poor bastard to bother. Let me tell you, whoever you are, you have my deepest sympathies. If it’s any consolation, we all appreciate you taking one for the team.

Anyway, since this seems to be working, I might as well take the opportunity to mention that if you want a free copy of The Academy: Making of a ruler, there are a few copies available on:

Now don’t panic. People haven’t discovered the book yet (or this blog), so no need to rush.

Well folks, I better stop here. I don’t want to jinx anything by writing too much.


The Academy book

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